Clean and prepare the skin as defined in the Skin Care section. Fully loosen the nuts to the top of the screw linkages. Undo the latch side, rotate it down so that the device can be opened:

Place the upper beam centered over and along the penis shaft with the lower beam parallel to the upper beam and perpendicular to the penis. Latch can be on left or right side. Close the beams around the shaft and rotate the latch back up so that the base of the nut goes into the counterbored relief on the upper beam. Tighten both nuts until the device is comfortable, secure, and the amount of leakage is reduced to an acceptable amount. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN

To remove the device for urination, compress the two beams together and rotate the latch from the relief. You may also need to loosen the latch screw. Use caution not to drop the device as it may not float and can plug up your plumbing. Cleaning and storing the Device: Wash device with mild soap and water. Alternatively, brushing it with toothpaste and an old (dedicated) toothbrush will also work. When not in use store in a container away from pets or children that could choke on it. REMEMBER: THIS DEVICE IS TO OFFER CONVENIENCE FOR SHORT OUTINGS OR SPECIAL OCCASIONS, IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR CONTINUOUS USE. Relocate the device hourly and use no more than four (4) hours at a time. Give your tissues adequate time to recover between uses. See warnings.